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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 9 months ago. Active 2 years, 2 months ago. Viewed 27k times. In Simon and Garfunkel's song The Sound of Silence 1 , there is the following passage in lyrics : And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made What is this neon god? All the sources I've looked at so far suggest it's supposed to mean a television screen The "neon god" is obviously the sign pictured earlier in the song.

But why is it a god? According to Garfunkel this quote is from Wikipedia , but it's directly quoted from a book on Paul Simon's life : Garfunkel once summed up the song's meaning as "the inability of people to communicate with each other, not particularly internationally but especially emotionally, so what you see around you are people unable to love each other. However, this site cites Simon as saying this in an interview with NPR: It's not a sophisticated thought, but a thought that I gathered from some college reading material or something. Simon's songs are so often beautiful nonsense.

The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

The Graceland album is incredibly evocative, but the emotions that the words drive are far more important than any surface-text reading. JoshuaEngel Cobain seemed to take a cue from Simon in that regard. It came out of our humanity but our obsession with, and the precedence we give it, may have the effect of diminishing our humanity. DukeZhou DukeZhou 3, 6 6 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges.

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    Good music never grows old, that's what I've discovered Flag Aljesh on April 27, I'm not sure if this is anywhere related to the songs meaning, but more a personal felling when I listen to it. Just horrible. Flag brian on December 11, I agree! Flagged thereckoner on August 13, All of the other comments are amazing and well thought out, but yours struck me the most.

    The song is not just a poem Thanks for your imput. I love it. Flagged ragnarok on October 23, General Comment for some reason i find this song to have a haunting and almost sinister sound. Any ideas why? Because it provokes self awareness and at the same time warns of waking up from the sleep of reason,otherwise monsters will be born.

    That is why it is creepy not to mention the other innuendos with the shalowness and the false gods. HUGE criticism towards human society. It seems that the author feels more secure hidden in darkness as between his own kind,as if he were right about spotting the evil among us.. Ah and the neon god is the tv but nobody seemed to notice that. Blog

    Anyway I find the author highly paranoid and contagious,war instigating really in a Jehovas Whitness kind of fashion. I am sure that nazism started up the same way paving the road to hell with good intentions and love for humanity. I think it's a very beautiful, but sad song.

    The Sound of Silence Original Version from 1964

    My interpretation is that it was written about how societies were more populated than there had ever been before - but also more deprived of reality and humanity than previous societies. It is a song about death - death of cultural capital and the warmth of genuine human interaction that comes with it. In some ways humans were more active and alive than ever: just not in ways that were actually valuable to humans. Hence - sentiments of falsity, and the eerie feelings that come with exposure to hyper-reality. It seems to be a song about things that the author felt were missing from his society.

    Indi Listen to Disturb's version and you can see and feel the darkness even further. Flagged Aljesh on April 27, Indi You should definitely listen to Disturb's version of this song because it sounds, even more, darker but the vocals part is even more powerful and has strong feelings about it. Flagged Giners on May 02, Our mind is The sound of silence. It is ON when you close ur eyes.

    It has to be listened, respected to believe and followed.

    As the writer did, and we get this ultimate song. We look everywhere around us. We switch on our TV. Neon god. This makes our mind ponder to a thought. We follow it even though its fake and manipulated to fulfill some person's financial needs. In screens, Actors just speak lines. In screens, Actors just hear lines. In screens, Actors dont express their actual thoughts.

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    Everyone is afraid to touch what one's mind feels like speaking. They are mere spectators, powerless and hollow from inside. As they dont touch their own mind sound of silence. So we follow them too by being spectators and powerless in our life too. We dont touch our what our mind sound of silence say. Because if we keep only following screens and dont listen to our own mind sound of silence Then we will run after things dictated by screens our whole life.

    We have no idea why we are doing that way and complain till end. Because we have no idea what we really want and where our happiness lies. Thats why everyday, we feel so hollow inside. This hollowness cancer grows bigger and bigger. But still nobody wants to touch that sound of silence mind We look out for solution even though every solution is inside us.

    "Bones" The Signs in the Silence (TV Episode ) - IMDb

    We dont listen, we just hear it. Neon god laughs here and says to the writer "Throughtout ages, all the prophets of all the religions have been saying the same things. Earlier it was kings then society, now its screens. Their have found their place in outside world only on walls and books not inside the mind. If they werent successful, where do you stand? You will also find yourself at the same place i. Thousands have sung. Hundreds have interpreted it.