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This comes after the building was inundated by floods last month for the third time in two years. For suppliers, China is a drool-inducing market, given its one billion-plus people. Epic Fail TTM! Stealing ATM card data is all too easy Experts say magnetic strips are vulnerable to skimming; attacks can happen at shops too Grace Chng Senior Correspondent chngkeg sph. But if flash floods hit Orchard Road again like they did on Dec 23 last year, this 60cm-high wall will hopefully keep. Page 4. Justice Department officials last Friday said the revision would make reporting of the crime more.

Page 8. The fishermen were rescued by the US Navy destroyer right last Thursday, more than 40 days after their boat. West readies oil plan amid threats by Iran IEA to release record volume from stockpile to replace Gulf oil lost if Teheran blocks strait Reuters London Western powers have readied a contingency plan to tap a record volume from emergency stockpiles to replace Gulf oil that would be lost if.

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Our programs demand a great deal from the curriculum research teams and the specialist coaches who create and deliver the. Page 5. Experience the integrated lifestyle. Be connected. Your unique residence. Your creative office.

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Atop HillVZ, a trendy two-storey retail mall offering chic international brands favoured by modern urbanites, such as the famed New York gourmet grocer Dean Deluca. Page 6. Page 7. Page 9. Page Judith Tan juditht sph. Their mothers say that having their children in ,. She just came along and we were. Not only was he born at the turn of the millennium and in the year of the dragon, but the year-old is also the first son and grandson in his extended family. His arrival was highly anticipated.

SIT to offer more places, 5 new degrees School for polytechnic grads raises total intake to 1,; new overseas partners for degrees highly ranked Sandra Davie Senior Writer sandra sph. Widow gets financial relief Queenstown resident Lee Sow May has diabetes and high cholesterol. Every month for the past few years, she has been going for regular checks by Dr Pauline Neow at the Mei Ling Clinic just across the road from her home.

All her medical records are there. Challenger to stop hour service IT megastore cites lower shopper volume at night and shortage of manpower Siau Ming En siaume sph. Its spokesman said the decision was based. Not any more. An idea that cost nothing to implement has allowed errors to be corrected on the. Deejay to champion stroke prevention Rod Monteiro plans to share his experience on air and raise public awareness of the condition Judith Tan juditht sph.

This is the. Plan to coordinate aid for poor folk Poon Chian Hui Needy residents of KembanganChai Chee can look forward to more regular and evenly distributed aid that is, if a plan to coordinate agencies involved in such drives works out. But the H1N1 influenza strain has since fallen off the chart, making. Good Samaritan hit by falling tree In a rush to offer help after a car crashes into the tree, he failed to notice the danger Carolyn Khew kcarolyn sph.

The education and technical specialist was in. Insights into old Chinese wedding customs Carolyn Khew Most people would have seen the Chinese bridal sedan of yore only in period dramas on television or in movies.

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After all, this mode of transport for weddings was probably last used a century back. But a two-week exhibition that opened last. And what better way to kick it off than with Chinese New Year As you can see,. Boasting digital and sleek compact designs, our water. Save Worry Comprehensive coverage gives you peace of mind.

Save Hassle We take care of the entire claims process. Save Anxiety day money back promise. Save so much more than just money. Just two to.

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More luxury goods flow into N. This, despite the United Nations sanctions. On the road to Indonesia-made car? These vehicles are among the 10 prototypes produced by vocational high school students in Solo, Indonesia. Although the cars were made for training purposes, they have garnered keen interest after Solo mayor Joko Widodo bought one for office use.

The vehicles, which were produced. It said the conditions were stated only after the party had obtained police. Huntsman mad at ad targeting daughters Reuters Manchester New Hampshire Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and members of his family expressed outrage at an advertisement targeting his adopted daughters by a group supporting rival Ron Paul. An online ad shows footage of Mr Huntsman with daughters Gracie, who was adopted.

There are Arab revolutions that have already succeeded, revolutions that are only now trying. Malicious worm targets Facebook users It steals login details to gain access to sensitive data like online banking London Tens of thousands of Facebook accounts have been targeted by a new type of malicious software that steals login details. Around 45, mostly British and French Facebook users have had their.

Kitur Mohd Idris, 50, was accosted by three parang-wielding robbers outside the arrivals hall.

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But police say he should not have. Radical sect members kill 13 AFP Maiduguri Nigeria Members of a radical Muslim sect attacked a church in north-east Nigeria during a service, part of a series of assaults that left at least 13 people dead, officials said yesterday.

The Boko Haram members also attacked a beauty salon. The group. US to react to EU carbon law Reuters Washington The Obama administration is laying the groundwork for possible retaliation in response to a European law requiring airlines to pay for carbon emissions. There is no consensus yet on what, if anything, the US government should do. The EU law went.

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Mr Goh then met Minister. Police in Sijunjung said year-old Busri and year-old Faisal, who were detained for theft, hanged themselves last week. However, their. Over 18, downloads! Well I did!

Years ago, I took a step to start trading as an alternative source of income. It started. Applications to the institutions can be submitted during. If the Bonds are not. Bring your original and photocopy of your results for assessments.

While stocks last. Hurry down today! Care to step inside for some fresh air? Dragon Year fengshui fixes for the home. Property trends you need to know in the year ahead. Keep your home healthy with our room-by-room cleaning guide. A healing system in harmony with nature. Monday: Intermittent moderate to heavy rain. Tuesday: Afternoon showers with thunder. Outlook: Air Quality. It is a low odour.

Another way to diversify your assets Check out the pros and cons of adding corporate bonds to your portfolio Yasmine Yahya yasminey sph. Markets will continue to be volatile But analysts predict that gold and soft commodities such as wheat, corn and soya beans may do well Aaron Low aaronl sph. Commodities started off. Pilates gives her greater control The Moving Body owner believes in putting her money in her own business Joyce Teo joyceteo sph.

It was a small operation with four staff.

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Life is unpredictable, so follow your dream while you are still able to do so Goh Eng Yeow Senior Correspondent engyeow sph. Its supercharged 3. This is because most of the students in our EMBA programme,. Check out the PhotoBank service now.

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